In the Spotlight

Recite Like a Pro

Nervous about reciting? Check out our collection of videos featuring students like you performing and giving tips on how to get through it like a pro. 

Students from regional competitions give their strategies on memorizing and reciting poetry

Learning Recitation Series: A great Best Practices guide for reciters

Watch the videos of past National Finalists on our YouTube channel

ASL National Finals recitation


Picking a Poem

With over 900 poems to choose from, finding the right one (or three), can be quite the daunting task. 

Below are some ways we've tried to help you in navigating the anthology:

--Looking for an old poem? A short poem

--Try our random poem feature. We just did and got "The Time I've Lost in Wooing" by Thomas Moore. 

--Here is a video with students talking about how and why they chose the poems they did. 

--Looking for a certain form of poetry? Maybe one with striking imagery or an ode? Try here.

--Watch some of our video perfomances and look up the poet of your favorite. See if you enjoy the style of their other poetry.

Above all, make sure the poem or poems you choose to memorize and recite resonate with you. True connection with the poem always shines through in performance. Also, it may be a part of your memory forever, so you should enjoy it.