In the Spotlight



Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight by Vachel Lindsay--He cannot sleep upon his hillside now

The Listeners by Walter De La Mare--And he felt in his heart their strangeness


Monsters and witches and creepy-crawlies, oh my!

Cold Blooded Creatures by Elinor Wylie--Swim staring at a night-mare doom

Her Kind by Anne Sexton--A woman like that is not a woman, quite

In the Desert by Stephen Crane--I saw a creature, naked, bestial


Scenes from a nightmare

The Coming of the Plague by Weldon Kees--A swarm of frogs, swollen and hideous

Eating Poetry by Mark Strand--I snarl at her and bark

Full Moon by Elinor Wylie--There I walked, and there I raged

The Hill by Joshua Mehigan--They wait and will be waiting