In the Spotlight

"The Human Season"

Poems for Autumn

After Apple-Picking and The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost--Two meditations on Fall in New England 

The Consent by Howard Nemerov--Is Autumn a rebellion or surrender? 

Football by Louis Jenkins--Not your standard pigskin

Immortal Autumn by Archibald MacLeish--More praise for this, "the human season"

The moon now rises to her absolute rule by Henry David Thoreau--Man cannot harvest all

November Cotton Flower by Jean Toomer--A startling bit of beauty

Ox Cart Man by Donald Hall--Preparing for winter

September 1918 by Amy Lowell--There's nothing quite like a beautiful Fall day

To A Mouse by Robert Burns--Conversing with nature

To Autumn by John Keats--The master of the ode exults in the season