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By Jack Collom

Surrounded by bone, surrounded by cells,
by rings, by rings of hell, by hair, surrounded by
air-is-a-thing, surrounded by silhouette, by honey-wet bees, yet . . .

Eddie Priest’s Barbershop & Notary

By Kevin Young

is music    is men
off early from work    is waiting
for the chance at the chair . . .

El Olvido

By Judith Ortiz Cofer

It is a dangerous thing
to forget the climate of your birthplace,
to choke out the voices of dead relatives . . .

Elegy for Blue

By J. T. Ledbetter

Someone must have seen an old dog
dragging its broken body through
the wet grass; . . .

Elegy on Toy Piano

By Dean Young

You don't need a pony
to connect you to the unseeable
or an airplane to connect you to the sky. . . .

The Songs of Maximus: SONG 1

By Charles Olson

                     colored pictures
of all things to eat: dirty . . .

The Songs of Maximus: SONG 2

By Charles Olson

            And I am asked—ask myself (I, too, covered    . . .

The Emperor of Ice-Cream

By Wallace Stevens

Call the roller of big cigars,
The muscular one, and bidbid Command, order, direct him whip
In kitchen cups concupiscent concupiscent Sensual, desirous curds. . . .


By Lorna Dee Cervantes

When summer ended
the leaves of snapdragons withered
taking their shrill-colored mouths with them. . . .

End of Days Advice from an Ex-zombie

By Michael Derrick Hudson

To think I used to be so good at going to pieces
gobbling my way through the cops
. . .