Carolyn M. Rodgers

Carolyn M. Rodgers

Carolyn M. Rodgers grew up on Chicago’s South Side. She attended Roosevelt University and the University of Chicago. She founded Third World Press in 1967 with Haki Madhubuti, Johari Amini, and Roschell Rich, and then began Eden Press with a grant from the Illinois Arts Council. Rodgers has worked as a social worker through the YMCA and taught at various colleges. Her poetry addresses feminist issues, including the role of black women in society, though her work has evolved from a militant stance to one more focused on the individual and Christianity.

What People are Saying

"I did not expect to like Poetry Out Loud, truthfully. My first year, I did not want to compete at all.Somewhere along the line, I fell in love with the program and have learned so much about poetry, performing, and expression throughout the last three years."
Gabrielle Hunt
2017 NV POL Champion