Connie Wanek

b. 1952
Connie Wanek

Connie Wanek was born in Madison, Wisconsin and attended New Mexico State University. She began publishing poetry later in life; her first book of poems, Bonfire, was released in 1997. Until then, she worked in her home of Duluth, Minnesota as a librarian and restorer of houses. Her poetry contains powerful images that often deal with nature and natural order. In her poem “Hartley Field,” Wanek uses a strong pictorial sense of nature to meditate on a relationship with a loved one and their relationship to the surrounding landscape.

What People are Saying

"I learned just how much deeper your understanding of a poem is when you memorize it than when you just read it a couple of times, and how you understand it a little better every single time you recite it."
Alex Hanesworth
2015 WA POL Champion