James Schuyler


James Schuyler was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1923. He attended Bethany and the University of Florence. Schuyler is associated with the New York School, a group of artists active in New York in the middle of the twentieth century who were inspired by surrealist and avant-garde painters. Schuyler also received two National Endowment for the Arts grants a Guggenheim fellowship, an Academy of American Poets fellowship, the Whiting Award, and various other awards and honors. He died in 1991 following a stroke.

What People are Saying

"Sure, I'd had to recite Paul Revere's Ride, or what have you, but I didn't know how expansive and powerful poetry actually was. I am a better thinker, a better listener, a better performer, a better entertainer, a better and wiser and more helpful human being because of POL."
Lawson Marchetti
2015 MS POL Champion