P. K. Page

P. K. Page

Patricia Kathleen Page was born in England in 1916, and moved to Alberta, Canada at the age of four. She was educated in Winnipeg and Calgary, and also studied art in New York and Brazil. Page has written ten books of poetry, including Coal and Roses (2009), The Essential P.K. Page (2008), Cosmologies (2003), and Planet Earth (2002). A novelist and short story writer, Page has also written an autobiography, several works for children, and paints under the name P.K. Irwin. Her work is often praised for its wit, wisdom, moral sensibility, and passionate yet objective viewpoint of human nature and relationships. In the poem “Deaf Mute in the Pear Tree,” for example, Page uses vivid nature imagery to show a loving relationship between a husband and wife.

Shortlisted for the prestigious Griffin Prize for Poetry, Page has received the Terasen Life Time Achievement Award and the Lieutenant Governer's Award for Literary Excellence; in 2007 she was named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

What People are Saying

"I did not expect to fall in love with poetry. I just expected to recite and be done with it. After just sitting there and analyzing my poems, I realized that the stories told through these few words mean so much. I had to step out of myself and step into the author's shoes, and with that comes great work."
Kyla Rose Bates
2016 LA POL Champion