Stephen Sandy

b. 1934
Stephen Sandy

Stephen Sandy studied poetry with Robert Lowell and Archibald MacLeish, earned a PhD from Harvard University, and traveled to Japan on a Fulbright Visiting Lectureship. He is the author of more than a half dozen collections of poetry and has been honored with fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Vermont Council on the Arts, and the Ingram Merrill Foundation.

Stephen Sandy’s collections include Riding to Greylock (1983), Man in the Open Air: Poems (1988), Thanksgiving over the Water: Poems (1992), and Black Box (1999). His meditative and observant poems scrutinize the natural and human world. Of Weathers Permitting (2005), John Hollander commented that “throughout this book rural matters are considered with a profound, rather than a light, urbanity—an urbanity of intellect and diction and authoritative rhythmic control.”

In his eight-part Surface Impressions, A Poem (2002), Sandy addresses the family, American history, faith, ecology, and technological change. In a review, poet and critic Peter Campion observed that “with concision and vivacity he portrays how emotions and thoughts collide with the sheer material of the world. . . . Sandy has a unique gift for getting one image to segue into another with a fluid sharpness that any cinematographer would envy.”

Sandy taught for many years at Bennington College. He is the poet featured in the documentary The Biologist, the Poet and the Funeral Director (2007), directed by Harvey Edwards. Stephen Sandy’s website is


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