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Teachers--Looking for Ideas?

Whether you're in need of completely new lesson plans, a few new ideas to freshen up your curriculum, plans to complement the POL program in your classroom, or just some ideas on how to teach poetry in general, we've got you covered.

Visit our Lesson Plan page for lessons dealing with voice like our most popular LP, the Tone Map, where the objective is to get students to become more adept at identifying and naming subtle shifts in voice, tone, and mood.

Or if you are looking for some help in getting your students to particpate in close reading, we have plans like Visualizing Voice, where students perform close reading on points of emphasis in a poem and then create comics.

We also have many lesson plans that deal with certain types and forms of poetry, like the Golden Shovel, which asks students to write their own poetry based on a Gwendolyn Brooks poem.

If you are a teacher, please take advantage of our resources (and those at the Poetry Foundation'sLearning Lab). And if you have any great teaching ideas, please share them with us!

Happy 2015-2016 school year!

Posted on 09.10.15

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