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Poem Sampler: Family Ties

"Kin" by Maya Angelou

"Before the Birth of One of Her Children" by Anne Bradstreet

"Prints" by Joseph Bruchac

"El Olvido" by Judith Ortiz Cofer

"Under the Lemon Tree" by Marsha De La O

"Mi Historia" by David Dominguez

"The Card Players" by Calvin Forbes

"Father" by Edgar Albert Guest

"On An Unsociable Family" by Elizabeth Hands

"Grandfather" by Michael S. Harper

"The Gift" by Li-Young Lee

"The Art Room" by Shara McCallum

"Virtuosi" by Lisel Mueller

"Daughters 1900" by Marilyn Nelson

"Pieta" by Kevin Young

Posted on 11.01.18

Poem Sampler: Cityscapes

"Awaking in New York" by Maya Angelou

"Le Maudit" by Richard Aldington

"London" by William Blake

"After the Disaster" by Abigail Deutsch

"Big City Speech" by W.S. DiPiero

"Windy City" by Stuart Dybek

"In a London Drawingroom" by George Eliot

"Queens Cemetery, Setting Sun" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

"Retired Ballerinas, Central Park West" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

"The Other Side" by Jennifer Elise Foerster

"The Legend" by Garrett Hongo

"The Day Lady Died" by Frank O'Hara

"Dream of the Phone Booth" by Emilia Phillips

"Sharks' Teeth" Kay Ryan

"Vision in Which the Final Blackbird Disappears" by Phillip B. Williams

Posted on 10.04.18

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