In The Spotlight

Animalia: Poem Sampler

The Tyger by William Blake

To a Mouse by Robert Burns

I Know, I Remember, But How Can I Help You by Hayden Carruth

The Heaven of Animals by James L. Dickey

The Animals by Josephine Jacobsen

Squirrels by Nate Klug

Crossing a City Highway by Yusef Komunyaka

Arrhythmia by Hailey Leithauser

Come Into Animal Presence by Denise Levertov

The Oldest Living Thing in LA by Larry Levis

Lions by Sandra MacPherson

Vixen by WS Merwin

The Bear by Susan Mitchell

Hedgehog by Paul Muldoon

Least Concern by John Shoptaw

Totem Pole by Jack Underwood

Posted on 11.20.17