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By Jaya Savige

Dense night is a needs thing.

You were lured

     in a luminous canoe

said to have once ruled

     a lunar ocean.

     The 2 am soda pour

of stars is all but silent;

only listen — 

   sedater than a sauropod

     in the bone epics

it spills all the moon spice,

     releasing a sap odour

          that laces

     us to a vaster scale

          of road opus.

A carousel of oral cues,

these spinning sonic coins.

A slide show of old wishes.

  • Nature

Poet Bio

Jaya Savige
Jaya Savige’s collections include Maze Bright (Vagabond Press, 2014) and Surface to Air (University of Queensland Press, 2011). He teaches at the New College of the Humanities, London. See More By This Poet

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