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By Jacob Saenz

Today I became King

of the Court w/out a diamond-

encrusted crown thrust upon

my sweaty head. Instead

my markings of royalty

were the t-shirt draping

my body like a robe soaked

in champagne & the pain

in my right knee — a sign

of a battle endured, my will

tested & bested by none

as the ball flew off my hands

as swift as an arrow toward

the heart of a target — my fingers

ringless yet feeling like gold.

Source: Poetry (May 2014)

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Poet Bio

Jacob Saenz
Poet and editor Jacob Saenz was born in Chicago and raised in Cicero, Illinois. He earned a BA in creative writing from Columbia College in Chicago. His first collection of poetry, Throwing the Crown (Copper Canyon Press, 2018), was awarded the 2018 American Poetry Review/Honickman First Book Prize. Saenz has been an editor at Columbia Poetry Review and an associate editor at RHINO. He works as an acquisitions assistant at the Columbia College library and has read his poetry at a number of Chicago venues. A CantoMundo fellow, he has also been the recipient of a Letras Latinas Residency Fellowship and a Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship. See More By This Poet

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