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By Todd Boss

Despite that you

wrote your name

and number

on its fuselage

in magic marker

neither your quiet

hours at the kitchen

table assembling

it with glue

nor your choice of

paint and lacquer

nor your seemingly

equally perfect

choice of a seemingly

breezeless day

for the launch of

your ambition

nor the thrill

of its swift ignition

nor the heights

it streaks

nor the dancing

way you chase

beneath its


across that

seemingly endless

childhood field

will ever be

restored to you

by the people

in the topmost

branches of whose trees


it may yet from

its plastic


on thin



still swing.

Source: Poetry (November 2013)

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  • Living

Poet Bio

Todd Boss
Poet Todd Boss grew up on a cattle farm in Wisconsin, and was educated at St. Olaf College and the University of Alaska Anchorage, where he received an MFA. He lives in Saint Paul with his family. Boss’s pared-down, idea-driven poems are propelled by internal rhyme and balance clarity with a nuanced attention to sound.  See More By This Poet

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