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By Renée Watson

My body is
perfect and
imperfect and
black and
girl and
big and
thick hair and
short legs and
scraped knee and
healed scar and
heart beating and
hands that hold and
voice that bellows and
feet that dance and
arms that embrace and
my momma’s eyes and
my daddy’s smile and
my grandma’s hope and

my body is masterpiece and
my body is mine.


From Watch Us Rise, published by Bloomsbury Children's Books. Text © 2019 by Renée Watson.

Source: Poetry (March 2021)

  • Living

Poet Bio

Renée Watson
Renée Watson is a New York Times bestselling author. Her books for young readers have received several awards and international recognition, including a Coretta Scott King Award and Newbery Honor. See More By This Poet

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