In the end she just wanted the house
               and a horse not much more what
       if  he didn’t own the house or worse
                       not even a horse how do we

separate the things from a man the man from
               the things is a man still the same
       without his reins here it rains every fifteen
                       minutes it would be foolish to

marry a man without an umbrella did
               Cinderella really love the prince or
       just the prints on the curtains in the
                       ballroom once I went window-

shopping but I didn’t want a window when
               do you know it’s time to get a new
       man one who can win more things at the
                       fair I already have four stuffed

pandas from the fair I won fair and square
               is it time to be less square to wear
       something more revealing in North and
she does the dealing gives him

the money in the end but she falls in love
               with him when he has the money when
       he is still running away if the water is
                       running in the other room is it wrong

for me to not want to chase it because it owns
               nothing else when I wave to a man I
       love what happens when another man with
                       a lot more bags waves back

  • Source: Poetry (June 2015)

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"Though I have always had an immense love and appreciation for poetry, particularly spoken word poetry, it was not until I was given the opportunity to go on stage and actually deliver the words of others that I was able to comprehend the real impact of this art."
Iman Dancy
2017 NC POL Champion