State Finals


Information on the time, date, and location of State Finals will be updated as more competitions are scheduled and planned. Find your state's Poetry Out Loud coordinator here.

For information on the National Finals, click here.

State Date Winner
Alabama February 16 Nicole Louw
Alaska March 10 Maeva Ordaz
Arizona March 12 Zaskia Villa
Arkansas March 14 Carol Pollard
California March 16 Levi Lowe
Colorado March 3 Jeana Lovett
Connecticut March 10 Owen Elphick
Delaware February 24 Hannah Sturgis
District of Columbia March 11 Daiana James
Florida February 28 Baxter Murrell
Georgia March 15 Paris Stroud
Hawaii February 22 Ari Dalbert
Idaho March 7 Cheyenne Shultz
Illinois March 13 Annabelle Emuze
Indiana February 21 Emma Libersky
Iowa March 1 Josie Kasik
Kansas March 1 Leanne Chun
Kentucky March 12 Haley Bryan
Louisiana March 7 Kyla Bates
Maine March 11 Rose Horowitz
Maryland March 7 Kyle Shreve
Massachusetts March 8 Caroline Sprague
Michigan March 13 Coral Brantly
Minnesota March 12 Cameron Patricia Downey
Mississippi March 16 Joy Cariño
Missouri March 12 Maya Bryant
Montana March 14 Taylor Rogers
Nebraska March 14 Amanda Pohlman
Nevada March 14 Dominique Groffman
New Hampshire March 13 Dessaline Etienne
New Jersey March 13 Beatrice Dimaculangan
New Mexico February 22 Rachel Patty
New York March 9 Nichola Metzger
North Carolina March 7 Casey Goggin
North Dakota March 2 Zachary Howatt
Ohio March 7 Sarah Binau
Oklahoma March 7 Edson Alvarado
Oregon March 14 Gypsy Prince
Pennsylvania March 9 Elliot Davidson
Puerto Rico March 14 Roberto Claudio Montes
Rhode Island March 15 Zoe Butler
South Carolina March 14 Joshua Mugabe
South Dakota March 16 Ashley Brage
Tennessee March 14 Grace Whitten
Texas February 28 Sam Terry
Utah March 11 Sadie Belle Merkley
Vermont March 19 Sam Boudreau
Virgin Islands March 14 Jonathon Qualls
Virginia March 13 Ahkei Togun
Washington March 7 Alex Hanesworth
West Virginia March 7 Neely Seams
Wisconsin March 14 Ian Walls
Wyoming February 2 Dylan Collins