State Finals

Information on the time, date, and location of State Finals will be updated as more competitions are scheduled and planned. Find your state's Poetry Out Loud coordinator here.

For information on the National Finals, click here.

State Date Winner
Alabama February 20 Raina Verser, New Technology HS
Alaska March 7 Isabella Weiss, Colony HS
Arizona March 11 Kellen Vu, Arizona School for the Arts
Arkansas March 4 Sydney Bayless, Lake Hamilton HS
California March 12-13 Levi Lowe, Sonora Union HS
Colorado March 6 William Edelson, Fountain Valley School
Connecticut March 4 Gabrielle Kunzika, Classical Magnet School
Delaware February 28 Cecilia Ergueta, Wilmington Friends School
District of Columbia March 8 Tyrone Lewis, Capital City Public Charter School
Florida March 11 Alexis Schuster, Winter Park HS
Georgia March 12 Samara Huggins, Whitefield Academy
Hawaii February 12 Nicholas Amador, Punahou School
Idaho March 11 Chloe Wherry, Xavier Charter School
Illinois March 10 Mariah Brooks, Springfield Southeast HS
Indiana February 18 Shelby Newland, Bloomington HS South
Iowa March 5 Grace Kiple, LAMB Arts Regional Theater & School
March 4 Sarah Katsiyiannis, Tipton Catholic HS
Kentucky March 7 Hayley Bryan, Grant County HS
Louisiana March 11De'Jeune' Richardson, Covington HS
Maine March 13 Gabrielle Cooper, Gardiner Area HS
March 18 Angeline Faieq, George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology
Massachusetts March 12 Rose-Darla Pascal, Randolph HS
Michigan March 3 MaryKate Wright, Owosso HS
Minnesota March 8 Anna Kochevar, Arcadia Charter School
Mississippi March 9 Lawson Marchetti, Jackson Preparatory School
Missouri March 9 Emily Bauer, Parkway West HS
Montana March 4 Anaka Ronan, Helena HS
Nebraska March 11 Bailee Laws, Parkview Christian School
Nevada March 11 Gabrielle Hunt, Yerington High School
New Hampshire March 10 Charlotte Perkins, Kearsarge Regional HS
New Jersey March 9 Amos Koffa, Burlington Cty Institute of Tech
New Mexico March 12 Michelle Zhou, La Cueva HS
New York March 10 Iree Mann, Syosset HS
North Carolina March 4 Iman Dancy, William G. Enloe HS
North Dakota February 27 Zach Howatt, Northern Cass HS
Ohio March 4 Madeleine Schroeder, Columbus Alternative HS
Oklahoma March 11 Kristine Guerrero, Lawton HS
Oregon March 11 Megan Kim, Cascade Christian HS
Pennsylvania March 6 Madalina Richardson, Masterman Lab School
Puerto Rico March 11 Sarah Rosas, Escuela San German Interamericana
Rhode Island March 5 Simon Rabatin, Moses Brown School
South Carolina March 11 Janae Claxton, First Baptist Church School
South Dakota March 13 Madison Lukomski, Sioux Falls Lincoln HS
Tennessee March 3-4 Marquavious Moore, Harding Academy of Memphis
Texas February 25 Grace Cai, The Hockaday School
Utah March 14 Benjamin Engel, Skyline HS
Vermont March 16 Emily Friedrichsen, Champlain Valley Union HS
Virgin Islands March 11 Angelica Sterling, St.Thomas/St. John Seventh-day Adventist School
Virginia March 10 Jessica Howard, Rock Ridge HS
Washington March 4 Addi Garner, Anacortes HS
West Virginia March 3-4 Tyler Ray, Webster County HS
Wisconsin March 11 Janessa Gould, Altoona High School
Wyoming March 6-7 Lauren Haiar, Sundance Secondary School

What People are Saying

"I did not expect to fall in love with poetry. I just expected to recite and be done with it. After just sitting there and analyzing my poems, I realized that the stories told through these few words mean so much. I had to step out of myself and step into the author's shoes, and with that comes great work."
Kyla Rose Bates
2016 LA POL Champion