State Finals

Information on the time, date, and location of State Finals will be updated as more competitions are scheduled and planned. Find your state's Poetry Out Loud coordinator here.

For information on the National Finals, click here.

State Date Winner
Alabama February 20 Raina Verser, New Technology HS
Alaska March 7
Arizona March 11
Arkansas March 4
California March 12-13
Colorado March 6
Connecticut March 4
Delaware February 28
District of Columbia March 8
Florida March 11
Georgia March 12
Hawaii February 12 Nicholas Amador, Punahou School
Idaho March 11
Illinois March 10
Indiana February 18 Shelby Newland, Bloomington HS South
Iowa March 5
March 4
Kentucky March 7
Louisiana March 11
Maine March 13
March 18
Massachusetts March 12
Michigan March 3
Minnesota March 8
Mississippi March 9
Missouri March 9
Montana March 4
Nebraska March 11
Nevada March 11
New Hampshire March 10
New Jersey March 9
New Mexico March 12
New York March 10
North Carolina March 4
North Dakota February 27
Ohio March 4
Oklahoma March 11
Oregon March 11
Pennsylvania March 6
Puerto Rico March 11
Rhode Island March 5
South Carolina March 11
South Dakota March 13
Tennessee March 3-4
Texas February 25
Utah March 14
Vermont March 16
Virgin Islands March 11
Virginia March 10
Washington March 4
West Virginia March 3-4
Wisconsin March 11
Wyoming March 6-7

What People are Saying

"POL has opened my mind to many kinds of poetry. Before competing, my experience with poetry was limited to Dr. Seuss. I now find myself making literary references, having analytical conversations with my peers and mentors about poetry, and recalling poems throughout my day."
Mikayla Bates
2016 UT POL Champion