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By Kai Conradi

In a dream my dad fell

      from the top of a steep       white       mountain

            down       into a blue       crevasse
            like the space between       two waves
            where the light       shines through       just enough
            to tell you
            you will miss this life dearly.

              The falling took years.

              I could hear him moving through air       and then finally nothing.

In another dream       my dad was an angel

      his see-through body dangling in the air

              floating above me       face shimmery like tinfoil

                     and I cried and cried when he told me

                     I can’t come back to earth now       not ever.

                                                                                 When my dad told me

                                                                                      You will always be my daughter

                                                                                            maybe it was like that.

                                                                         Will I be allowed to come back to earth

                                                                         and be your son?

Source: Poetry (January 2019)

  • Living
  • Relationships
  • Social Commentaries

Poet Bio

Kai Conradi
Kai Conradi is a queer and trans poet and short story writer from Cumberland, British Columbia. He is currently finishing a degree in writing at the University of Victoria. See More By This Poet

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