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By John Lee Clark

Near the Naked Juices I passed

A man my fingers walking

Across his back he turned and held up

A box said what

Might this be I said oh

You’re tactile too what’s your name

He said William Amos Miller I said

I thought you were born in 1872 he said so

You know who I am yes you’re the man

Who journeyed to the center of Earth

In your mind he smiled on my arm said do

You know that the Earth also journeyed

To the center of my mind I said

I never thought of that he asked

Again about the box I shook it sniffed

Said Mike and Ike is it fruit

He inquired not exactly well

I think I shall have an apple wait

You haven’t paid oh

My money nowadays is no money he pushed

Outside we walked across the ice

To the intersection he made to go across

Wait you can’t go across we have to wait

For help oh help he said crouching

Until our hands touched the cold ground

He said I said we said we see

With our hands I jumped up and said you’re the man

Source: Poetry (December 2017)

  • Arts & Sciences

Poet Bio

John Lee Clark
John Lee Clark is a DeafBlind poet, essayist, and independent scholar from Minnesota. Clark was a featured writer at the Deaf Way II International Cultural Arts Festival, and has won grants and fellowships from the Minnesota State Arts Board, VSA Minnesota, the Laurent Clerc Cultural Fund, Intermedia Arts Center, and The Loft Literary Center. He was a finalist for the 2016 Split This Rock Freedom Plow Award for Poetry and Activism. Clark lives in Hopkins, Minnesota with his wife, the artist Adrean Clark, and their three boys. He works for the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development as a Braille and Protactile instructor.  See More By This Poet

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