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By CAConrad

                                             I feel you

                                   judging me for

                      becoming agoraphobic

                      in someone else’s house

    I forget how I learned to stroll through

     grocery stores as though there is no crisis

my elbow cannot touch the middle of my back

  my fingers though have found every part of me

                    soon no migration of  wild animals will

                         be unknown to humans we will chart

                         film record publish archive everything

                              it gives us something to do while we

                                annihilate beauty poets shoveling

                               a quarry that is really an ongoing

                                        crime scene investigation

                                     a study in vomit imitating

                                  vast chronicles of the face

                            whatever world we can hold

                                we will never agree our

                                  neglect was worth it

                                 whatever amount of

                              crazy we can imagine

                              coming at us double it

                                     I found the perfect

                                  listening chair nothing

                                        but listeners who sit

                                          I am sitting in it now

                                           listening to my friend

                                                   the photographer

                                                   whose self-portrait

                                                           I find reflected

                                                                       in eyes

                                                                        of  her



Source: Poetry (January 2020)

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Poet Bio

Poet CAConrad grew up in Pennsylvania, where they helped to support their single mother during Conrad's difficult youth. CAConrad is the author of nine books of poetry and essays, and a documentary about their work, The Book of Conrad (Delinquent Films), is viewable online on their website. CAConrad has also received a 2019 Creative Capital grant as well as a Pew Fellowships in the Arts, a Lambda Award, a Believer Magazine Book Award, and a Gil Ott Book Award. They regularly teach at Columbia University in New York City, and at Sandberg Art Institute in Amsterdam. See More By This Poet

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