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By Joseph Bruchac

Seeing photos

of ancestors

a century past

is like looking

at your own



and lines

you can’t 


until someone else

with a stranger’s eye

looks close and says

that’s you.


Joseph Bruchac, "Prints" from Sing: Poetry from the Indigenous Americas. Copyright © 2011 by Joseph Bruchac.  Reprinted by permission of Joseph Bruchac.

Source: Sing: Poetry form the Indigenous Americas (University of Arizona Press, 2011)

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Poet Bio

Joseph Bruchac
Poet and storyteller Joseph Bruchac was born in Greenfield Center, New York and is the author of more than 120 books for adults and children. In his work, Bruchac explores his Abenaki ancestry and Native American storytelling traditions. See More By This Poet

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