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By LeConté Dill

On Tyrone Geter’s “The Basket Maker #2”

Weave me closer

to you

with hands dyed indigo

that rake oyster beds


Smell you long


I see you

Vanilla sweet

Sweetgrass weaving

wares that keep Yankees coming

on ferries, no bridge

Waters been troubled

Makes you wonder

who put the root on whom first

with doors dyed indigo

Pray the evil spirits away

at the praise house

Make John Hop to stave off John Deere

We migrants

fighting to stay put

Even nomads come home

for a Lowcountry boil

a feast for hungry

prodigal sons

and daughters

with hearts dyed indigo

Dying for you to

weave us closer

Source: Poetry (January 2016)

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Poet Bio

LeConté Dill
LeConté Dill was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and currently lives in Brooklyn. She earned degrees from Spelman College, UCLA, and the University of California, Berkeley. She coauthored, coedited, and copublished a poetry anthology with a group of teens from Oakland, California, entitled Y U Gotta Call It Ghetto? (2011). Currently, LeConté is an assistant professor at the SUNY Downstate School of Public Health, in Brooklyn.    See More By This Poet

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