Two women on the lone wet strand
   (The wind's out with a will to roam)
The waves wage war on rocks and sand, 
   (And a ship is long due home.)

The sea sprays in the women's eyes—
   (Hearts can writhe like the sea's wild foam)
Lower descend the tempestuous skies,
   (For the wind's out with a will to roam.)

"O daughter, thine eyes be better than mine,"
   (The waves ascend high as yonder dome)
"North or south is there never a sign?"
   (And a ship is long due home.)

They watched there all the long night through—
   (The wind's out with a will to roam)
Wind and rain and sorrow for two—
   (And heaven on the long reach home.)

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What People are Saying

"Even people who don't particularly enjoy most forms of poetry can still find a poem that they enjoy AND be very good at reciting if they set their minds to it. What makes poetry so appealing is its ability to describe all sorts of different aspects of the human experience in a new and unique light. There is a poem out there for everyone. Even my dad...maybe."
Danielle Corbett
2016 NH POL Champion